Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dirgantara Monument


Since Dirgantara Monument located at Gatot Subroto Road, Pancoran district, South Jakarta, so most people called as Pancoran statue. The statue have 11 meters tall, made from 11 tons bronze and is divided into pieces, each piece weighing one ton, with 27 meters high arc shape concrete base.

Designed by Edhi Sunarso, contructed by Keluarga Arca artists from Yogyakarta, and supervised by President Soekarno himself, the statue finished in two year (1964-1965). This statue built near National Air Force Office (Wisma Aldiron) in the South, headed to the North with its hand pointed to former Kemayoran International Airport (now became an exhibition and apartemens area). Representing the power of Indonesian air force, symbolizing by a strong and brave man that flying and exploring the sky, and eager to serve the country. President Soekarno want to show to the world if Indonesia as a big archipelago country is protected by the strong air forces and serviced by solid air transportations that connecting each islands in Indonesia.

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