Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bajaj (read: Ba-jay)

location : intersection H. TEN Street with  BANGUN BARAT Street, East Jakarta

Bajaj (auto rickshaws / pedicab with motor scooter engine) is a three-wheeled vehicle which is named after its manufacturer in India. Bajaj, provide local public transportation in the back streets of some parts of Jakarta. Usually its color predominantly orange but there were also green or yellow in little number, looks noisy, emits a lot of smokes , and very shaky.

Bajaj fare is negotiable, short to medium distance may cost around 10,000 rupiahs (around 1 US$). Normally its only fit for 2 passenger, but in reality, this vehicle can be imposed up to filled until 5 passengers, or, sometimes just one passenger but he/she brings a lot of groceries from the market.

There was a plan to replace bajaj with other eco-friendly models vehicle fueled by compressed-natural gas (CNG) called Kancil on 2001. But its seem not succesful, until today (2010) many old and rusty bajaj still running around on the street of Jakarta.

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