Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busway TransJakarta

Busway Koridor 6 @ Dukuh Atas II Shelter

TransJakarta also known as Busway is a bus rapid transit system in Jakarta, Indonesia. TransJakarta started on January 15, 2004 and currently has 8 corridors (or lines) in operation, 2 corridors at inactive status, and 5 corridors to be built in future. TransJakarta was designed to provide the citizens of Jakarta a fast public transportation system to help reduce rush hour traffic and currently has a weekday ridership of approximately 250,000. The Indonesian Government provided TransJakarta buses with their own private lanes and Transjakarta's ticket prices are subsidized by the state government. (Wikipedia)

However, despite its fast service and affordable prices, Transjarta has recently received criticism, mostly highlighting its not-sterile lanes from other vehicles including private cars and motorcycles. Such a condition has apparently led to uneasiness for its passengers.

Another problem  faced by Transjakarta is the shortage of gas stations designated to Transjakarta fleet. At present, there are only three busway gas stations in the capital area; they are located on Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan, Jl Rawabuaya, and Jl Pemuda. The three gas stations are certainly not enough to accommodate hundreds of Transjakarta buses.

Besides, TransJakarta also lack in capacity, some says that's because of the not-sterile lanes, and the shortage of gas stations but the fact is too many people queue at busway shelter at peak (rush) hour.

No doubt, it's need to be fixed!

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