Saturday, November 3, 2012

Angkatan 66 Monument and Four Season Hotel

Monument by Dolorosa Sinaga
Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta

Chronologically Indonesian literature may be divided into several periods of generations (angkatan):
  • Pujangga Lama: the "Literates of Olden Times" (traditional literature)
  • Sastra Melayu Lama: "Older Malay Literature"
  • Angkatan Balai Pustaka: the "Generation of the [Colonial] Office for Popular Literature" (from 1908)
  • Angkatan Pujangga Baru: the "New Literates" (from 1933)
  • Angkatan 1945: the "Generation of 1945"
  • Angkatan 1950 - 1960-an: the "Generation of the 1950s"
  • Angkatan 1966 - 1970-an: the "Generation of 1966 into the 1970s"
  • Angkatan 1980-an: the "Decade of the 1980s"
  • Angkatan Reformasi: the post-Suharto "Reformation Period"
  • Angkatan 2000-an: the "Generation of 2000s"
There is considerable overlapping between these periods, and the usual designation according to "generations" (angkatan) should not allow us to lose sight of the fact that these are movements rather than chronological periods. (

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